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Who is il docente?

My name is Brian, and I am il docente. I am an independent English teacher and have been living and working in Saronno and Milano since 2006. I originally taught for language schools in the area, but in 2010 I decided start teaching freelance. At that time it was a bit of a risk, as there was no reliable or established way of finding private students. After speaking to other teachers in the area and realising what the problems were, I created a couple of teaching groups consisting of teachers in both Milan and Saronno with the aim of competing directly with traditional language schools. As a part of that, and with a friend, I created the website to help freelance teachers based in Milan.

Teaching experience

Since 2006 I have taught English in some of the largest multinational companies in Lombardia, including: Siemens, Novartis, Sanofi Aventis, Amgen, BPM, Michelin and many more, but while many clients have come from these companies, most of my students have been private individuals. I've been involved in exam preparation and testing, mostly for Cambridge exams.

Prior to moving to Italy, my background was in general business management, sales and training. In one way or another, through my own businesses or working for others, I have been involved in training since 1996. In my final job before leaving the UK I was responsible for training or retraining managers in the operational, legal and safety aspects of their jobs for one of the UK's largest fuel companies.

A business background means that, unlike many teachers, I have a genuine understanding of how business actually works, and 'Business English' isn't something I learned from a book. That said, I don't honestly like teaching Business English, and don't generally think it's helpful for the vast majority of students, most of whom have more difficulty when conversations in English stray from work topics to social discussions.

About teaching

Every students is unique, both as a person and in their language needs. While working with language schools I came across many 'methods' of teaching, all of which appeared to ignore this fact. I truly hated the way schools tried to fit every student into the same little boxes. As a private teacher I found almost immediately that having the freedom to do as I thought best allowed me to satisfy students' requests far more easily, allowing them to work on the areas in which they lacked confidence or needed help. Aside from creating much stronger bonds with students, it also made my work more enjoyable.

Language Resources

If you are a student, looking to improve or exercise your language skills without having lessons, there are plenty of resources on the internet, many free.

If you browse the links below you'll find links to English language news sites (useful for improving your reading skills and vocabulary) along with websites offering free language exercises and quizzes, grammar guides, online dictionaries and much more.

If you didn't visit this website looking for lessons but to find things to help you in your studies, have a look at the links below. Any links you click on will open in a new browser window, or frame.

For Teachers

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Teaching English in Milano, Roma or Torino

Working for a school isn't your only choice

If you prefer working for a school to working freelance, fair enough, but it's not a secret that most language schools, even in cities like Milan and Rome, pay peanuts and treat teacher like skivvies. If you want to earn a decent income, prefer to decide who, when, where and what you teach, working freelance is the best way to go. Finding enough clients to make it pay can take a little while, but the best places to start, by far, are the MilanoInglese and Romainglese teacher sites. For information, visit the teacher information websites at and then have a look at the 'public' sites, where potential students can contact teachers. It beats the hell out of working for a school...