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Business English Courses

My name is Brian and I'm an English teacher in Saronno. In addition to General English courses, I also provide Business English courses, but what is 'Business English'? A Business English course typically covers the same grammar as a General English Course, but 'Business English' is a little more formal. For the average student, 'Business English' courses are boring and not very helpful. Your work-related vocabulary may already be enough for you to speak to colleagues, clients and suppliers, even if your general grammar isn't good enough. Most mistakes relating to the use of English in a business environment relate to either a limited general vocabulary, limited grammar skills or simple confidence.

If you're a marketing executive, a salesman or even a toxicologist, a standard Business English course which includes lessons for secretaries who manage telephone switchboards, attending job interviews, writing emails, making public presentations, basic negotiations, discussing finance and so on will be a frustrating experience, with very little relating to your own needs. For that reason I provide personalised courses, with selected material that relates to your job added to general English material and as much conversation as possible. Learning what a secretary needs to say when connecting callers isn't much help when your problem is speaking to clients about personal matters and building relationships!

English for Job Interviews

How often do you see "must have a good level of English" written in job advertisments? These days it seems that even cleaners need fluent English! But is your English good enough to get the job you want, and good enough to give you an advantage in a job interview? It's possible that your English is already good enough for the job you are looking for, even if it's a little rusty. However, if your fluency or confidence deserts you during the job interview, you'll never have the opportunity to prove it. I offer short-term courses to help with things like job interviews, but the truth is that only a long-term English course will help you improve your level significantly. That said, if you have an urgent need, because you've been asked to attend an interview at short notice, I can help! Email me for costs and to arrange a meeting.

Language Resources

If you are a student, looking to improve or exercise your language skills without having lessons, there are plenty of resources on the internet, many free.

If you browse the links below you'll find links to English language news sites (useful for improving your reading skills and vocabulary) along with websites offering free language exercises and quizzes, grammar guides, online dictionaries and much more.

If you didn't visit this website looking for lessons but to find things to help you in your studies, have a look at the links below. Any links you click on will open in a new browser window, or frame.

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