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English courses for Companies

English courses for Companies

English is the international language of business and the better your employees speak English, the easier it is to do business overseas. Providing English courses for your employees can help them to operate more effectively, and so enhance your company's efficiency.

I can provide either custom courses according to your specific needs, or standard Business English courses which focus on the grammar and vocabulary required to communicate effectively, with special focus on business functions such as making telephone calls, using English in negotiations, meetings and presentations and also writing letters. Standard courses, for example those created by Oxford or Cambridge, require approximately 75-85 hours of lessons plus a similar amount of self-study at home.

Individual courses are the most effective way to learn English as they require students to work harder than they would if they were studying as part of a group. Individual courses are the best option where improvements need to be both rapid and sustained.

If you want to balance effective lessons and cost-efficiency, the best solution is to organise lessons for small groups of up to 4 students with the same ability levels of ability. Senior managers may prefer to follow a one to one course, but as it helps to develop listening skills, a group course should not be ignored. All company courses are tailor made to suit your requirements and objectives.

I can also provide short-term intensive English courses, ideal for employees who need to improve or practice their English for a particular reason; perhaps to practice ahead of an important meeting or presentation. For details of costs and to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs, please email me today.

Language Resources

If you are a student, looking to improve or exercise your language skills without having lessons, there are plenty of resources on the internet, many free.

The resources listed below include links to English language news sites (useful for improving your reading skills and vocabulary) along with websites offering free language exercises and quizzes, grammar guides, online dictionaries and much more.

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Teaching English in Milano, Roma or Torino

Working for a school isn't your only choice

If you prefer working for a school to working freelance, fair enough, but it's not a secret that most language schools, even in cities like Milan and Rome, pay peanuts and treat teacher like skivvies. If you want to earn a decent income, prefer to decide who, when, where and what you teach, working freelance is the best way to go. Finding enough clients to make it pay can take a little while, but the best place to start - by far - is MilanoInglese. For information, visit the teacher information website at and then have a look at the 'public' site where potential students can contact teachers at It beats the hell out of working for a school...