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Private English Lessons

Based in Saronno and Milano, I provide English lessons for students of all levels, for students who have never spoken English before, who need English as part of the university studies, need English to help them do their jobs or advance their careers, and also for those who want to improve their English for social reasons, or to help make their holidays easier! Your level and reasons aren't important... if you want to improve your English, I can help!

Standard English Courses

Unless you only need to practice English for a short-term objective, for example to prepare for a job interview, you should consider following a standard English course. These courses combine essential grammar, reading and writing skills and, of course, speaking and listening. There are courses available for all levels, and the internationally recognised levels which are used to measure your English ability and fluency are as shown below:

  • A1(Elementare)|A2(Pre-intermedio)
  • B1(Intermediate 1)|B2(Intermediate 2)
  • C1Advanced)|C2(Proficiency)

Most standard English courses require between 65 and 100 hours of lessons (plus home study) and are aimed at increasing your ability from one level to the next. These courses are ideal for students who want to improve their general level of English, and also for students who want or need exam certification, for example for work or for university.

Short-Term English Courses

I also provide short-term English courses to help you prepare for specific events, for example holidays abroad, job interviews, meetings and so on, or just to improve your conversation fluency in English. This type of course can vary in length according to your objectives.

Language Resources

If you are a student, looking to improve or exercise your language skills without having lessons, there are plenty of resources on the internet, many free.

If you browse the links below you'll find links to English language news sites (useful for improving your reading skills and vocabulary) along with websites offering free language exercises and quizzes, grammar guides, online dictionaries and much more.

If you didn't visit this website looking for lessons but to find things to help you in your studies, have a look at the links below. Any links you click on will open in a new browser window, or frame.

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Teaching English in Milano, Roma or Torino

Working for a school isn't your only choice

If you prefer working for a school to working freelance, fair enough, but it's not a secret that most language schools, even in cities like Milan and Rome, pay peanuts and treat teacher like skivvies. If you want to earn a decent income, prefer to decide who, when, where and what you teach, working freelance is the best way to go. Finding enough clients to make it pay can take a little while, but the best place to start - by far - is MilanoInglese. For information, visit the teacher information website at and then have a look at the 'public' site where potential students can contact teachers at It beats the hell out of working for a school...